We all love our pets and show this by giving them a good and warm, loving home, food and veterinary care. So don't they deserve to be put to rest with love and care?

My family are cat lovers, but sadly after a serious illness we had to take one to the Veterinary Surgery and after a long and agonising treatment period, found it was kinder to put her to rest. Our Vet kindly put our loving pet to rest at the surgery, but sadly that was the last time we had together to pay respects.

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It was my only wish that I had known of a company such as Coffins 4 Pets who could supply me with details of a range of pet coffins and pet memorials, so that I could lay my cat to rest in my own garden.

As they are few and far between, we are not all fortunate enough to have a pet cemetery or pet crematorium local to us. If you would like the peace of mind of knowing your beloved pet can be laid to rest at your family home, Coffins 4 Pets offers you a solution.

Coffins 4 Pets can offer pet caskets to suit most sizes, ranging from hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, dogs and even horses, with a choice of designs and finishes to your selection. Our website gives a good range of shapes and sizes of pet coffins, to be finished in your choice of colour and wood type. However, we understand that pet bereavement is a very personal matter, so we also offer a bespoke service and will be happy to quote for any size or shape you may require.

For pet cremation, we also offer a range of keepsake and ash boxes, a selection of which are detailed in the following pages.

All pet coffins are hand-made at our unit located at Quex Park Craft Village and our keep sake boxes are imported under the control of the fair trade policy.

Please click here for further details and pricing structures or contact us if you have any questions.

There are many unwanted pets who are in need of a good home.
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